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Organizations in Indianapolis and those that inspire.

No Kill Shelters

Give Them 10 is a movement to make all shelters a no-kill shelter though proven spay & neuter programs that work to reduce the pet population.

Go to FACE Spay Neuter

FACE Spay Neuter

FACE is one of the most active leaders in the no-kill movement in Indianapolis. They are currently expanding and that’s wonderful!

Go to Catify The World

Catify The World

At least catify the world our cats live in. Inspired by Jackson Galaxy, Clowder 9 is working on catifying the foster room to make our fosters happy and enjoy their temporary stay.

About Us

Why we do what we do.
The satisfaction we get when cats are adopted is priceless.

We started as a wife & husband team with the goal to make our city shelter a kill-free shelter by fostering cats and kittens. It has sense grown into so much more. We foster, rescue and care for community cats.

We partner with local shelters to foster as well as take in unwanted cats and kittens from the community.

We spend quite a bit of our own money to support our fosters and rely on donations or purchase our hand-made cat accessories from our Etsy Store to help offset our costs.


2 Momma cats, 3 Kittens

Our Own Rescues

2 Kittens

Clowder 9

We started with 9, but have since grown to 12!


Straw Killer
Aeris is one of the oldest. We started out with her and her sister Tiffa and slowly added on new family members as the years went by. She was born from a stray’s litter. Her mom went on to be a barn cat and well cared for.


Bug Exterminator
Tiffa recently retired from her CEO position and enjoys retirement. She is not often seen but will come out to get her attention fix. She is a proven huntress that has kept our place rodent and bug free.


Lap Therapist
Jack came to us as a feral kitten. He was found under a barn next door. I thought keeping him outside was the best, but he had other plans. He quickly wormed his way into the house and into my lap where he is a permanent fixture.


Momma Kitty
Myrtle and her kittens (Nermal, Mau & Java) were brought to us right after she gave birth. She was a stray, brought to me from a friend. She’s the sweetest most trusting cat you’ll come across. She’s always the first to welcome new family members.


Cutest Cat Ever
Nermal strives to be the cutest thing in the world and achieves it easily. He loves to eat grass and veggies and will drink coffee if he gets a chance.


When she was younger her title was “Princess Razor Claws”. Now that she’s older and doesn’t see people as a walking cat tree, we’ve just called her Princess.


Scaredy Cat
Being the largest of the bunch, you’d think he would walk around like he owns the place, but Java is the most timid and easily scared of the crew. He has his boy that he lets pet him and that’s it. He’s loves sleeping like a tiger rug, talking to bugs and finding new hiding places.


Agility Catdog
Diesel has quite a beginning story. He was found inside the engine compartment of a diesel truck. It happened to be my friend\’s husband\’s truck. Diesel has been a spitfire and enjoys scaling door frames – straight up. He is a lean cat playing machine and needs toys, furniture and play to keep him feeling at ease.


Formally Colleen, Salem is a FACE alum and has been the most recent addition and completed our Clowder 9. She loves all cats, chasing flies and relaxing in the sun.

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